E-Z Estimator 5.5

The latest and Greatest!



2004 E-Z Estimator 5.5 additions include…..


·        Graphics…. On each estimator printed quotes – including EMAIL!


·        Email the quote to the client!! Including the graphic.


·        Import/Export from/to Excel…. Then put it in your accounting software.


·        Due date added to quotes.


·        Now FIXED PRICE option added for user flexibility.


·        Quote status and changes, open, invoiced, delete


·        Additional reports for production planning and status.


·        Print a consolidated statement of a client’s open invoices.


·        Print a client’s history of quotations and invoices.


·        Add your own database information of designs and thumbnails.


·        System security – password protected for your convenience.


·        Design browser for all provided designs and comments.


·        Additional design company participation.


·        Add your own products to the selection table.


Plus all the great features and benefits from the past years of suggestions and operation.


E-Z Estimator is the premier embroidery production control and estimating software package in the industry.


Remember…. It has to be EZ to be E-Z Estimator!

And it is very economically priced.


Thank you for your continued support.

The Unofficial Announcement!

50% OFF



The “official announcement” of the E-Z Estimator 5.5 will be made at the IIS Long Beach show.


As has been the past history of E-Z Estimator, the November / December pre-release announcement and sale is being made now.  Here are the facts….


·         The first page of this release presents the majority of the new features added.


·        You order and pay for the E-Z Estimator before December 30, 2003


·         The selling price for E-Z Estimator 5.5 will retail on the web and across the distribution chain for $299.00 (We pay s&h)


·        Pre-release sale price is $150.00 (+s&h $6.00)  50% OFF


·        Current customers pre-release price-- $125.00 (+s&h $6.00)– you must provide a valid CD serial number of your current version with your order –AND you must order before December 30, 2003


·        The product will be shipped the last week of January 2004.


·        NO CLUB DISCOUNTS available for this pre-release sale.


·         This release will not be download-able…. Only an abbreviated version will be put on the web for downloads and demos.


·         All E-Z Estimator software will require a registration code.


·         A detailed manual will be on the CD with the software. (Like prior releases – PDF file)


·         There will be some extra added un-announced features incorporated in the software in the next few weeks – you love it!



There are extensive software changes incorporated in this new release of the E-Z Estimator 5.5.  The list speaks for itself, but just in case you want to call and talk about it….


Please call E-Z Stitches at 301-253-3971.  I’ll be glad to brag about the great effort that went into this fantastic product.


E-Z Estimator 4.5 purchases during November and December 2003 will receive a FREE copy of EZE 5.5!


How to order:    Go to the web site:   www.ezestimator.net   and pay for your purchase on-line or send a check payable to E-Z Stitches,  8004 Hilton Road, Laytonsville, MD  20882