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Contact: Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jim Serritella

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E-Z Stitches Plus Releases E-ZKoreanStitches

Digitized Korean Lettering and Services


Create beautiful, authentic Korean names for stitching on martial arts belts, tote bags, and other accessories with a new program offered by E-Z Stitches Plus, Laytonsville, MD. Program authors, Jim and Betty Serritella, have been embroidering for the martial arts market since 1993. With the creation of this highly specialized program, they share their expertise in converting English names to Korean making it easy for anyone to offer these prized embroidered pieces to martial arts students and schools. E-ZKoreanStitches is now available for commercial and home embroiderers.


The name of the Korean lettering is Hangul. Traditionally, names are embroidered on martial arts belts either vertically or horizontally. Each letter has been individually digitized in DST formats to ensure complete accuracy and authenticity. Letters comes in two sizes. The large size is approximately 1.25 inches high, and the small is approximately .5 inch. Each letter is a stand-alone file. The cost of the program is $179 plus $6 shipping and handling. Each CD also includes program documentation and tips on how to embroider on martial arts uniforms and belts.


To embroider Hangul names, knowledge of the language and its unique placement also is required. The program does not automatically translate English names to Korean so you will need someone who can translate for proper placement. Unlike English, Korean follows a vertical and horizontal plain.


With the purchase of E-ZKoreanStitches, E-Z Stitches Plus offers FREE translation services of English names to Korean. Program buyers will receive 20 FREE name translations a $200 value, and future translation at the cost of $5 per word. For example, if a first and last name is required, the cost would be $10. Translation services will be delivered as a fax where you position the DST lettering according to the suggested placement on the fax. Or purchase a single line digitized DST sew file for $15.


To see examples of horizontal and vertical sewing directions, visit http://www.ezstitches.com/martialarts.html. For more information, contact E-Z Stitches Plus at (301) 253-3971, 301-253-9978 (fax), or e-mail: sew@ezstitches.com.